Improving Existing Threat Detection, Increasing Precision and Overall Optimization

One of the biggest emerging trends on the horizon for 2021 is the focus on finding the most value from existing security controls, and not adding on more expensive, and in many cases, redundant toolsets. This improvement is likely to take the form of enhanced threat detection content for their security platforms, increasing precision in security teams’ responses and overall optimization.

Remote Workforces Mean Increased Focus on the Endpoint

We identified that organizations were not looking to add “unnecessary” tools to their environment in 2021. However, we can say with certainty that tools enabling visibility on the endpoint were one of the most important security toolsets before the pandemic. Now that the majority of teams are working remotely, endpoint visibility is not just important, it is crucial.

Proactive Security is the New Normal

If some of the larger cyber catastrophes of 2020 have taught us anything, proactive security needs to be the new normal. Security teams can no longer merely trust that an appliance or control is catching 100% of significant cyber threats. This means that security teams in 2021 are going to need to take a more proactive approach where they hunt for threats that have bypassed existing controls.



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