Red Team Tools: Hunting for the Top 3 Tools

Red Team Tools: Cobalt Strike

Probably one of the most common red team tools employed by red teams (and a lot of adversaries, too!) today is Cobalt Strike. Cobalt Strike is a fully featured and commercially available penetration testing tool offered by Washington, DC-based Strategic Cyber LLC. The tool is advertised for “Adversary Simulations and Red Team Operations” however its significant customization and capabilities have led to its use by a wide variety of threat actors for a variety of motivations. Cobalt Strike also incorporates a variety of other post-exploitation tools, such as Mimikatz, in order to expand its functionality.

Red Team Tools: Brute Ratel

Another of the most popular red team tools used by adversaries and red teams alike is a tool referred to as Brute Ratel. Brute Ratel is an attack simulation and post-exploitation toolkit created by Chetan Nayak (a former red teamer for Mandiant and Crowdstrike), and released in 2020. The post-exploitation toolkit is a customizable command and control framework that gives users capabilities such as (but not limited to): injecting shellcode into processes, executing script execution and writing C2 channels (like Slack, Microsoft teams).

Red Team Tools: Metasploit

One of the go-to red team tools that red teams and adversaries alike are known to use widely is Metasploit. Metasploit is a very common attack framework used to aid in penetration testing and malicious activity.


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